What is Sensory Friendly?

The Sensory Friendly Alliance is a group of firms dedicated to ensuring digital content is accessible to everyone, including people with special sensory needs.

The world can be filled with unwanted sensations. From the flickering of a light bulb to the noises of life in the city, the anxiety of being overwhelmed by the real world should not extend to the digital realm.

Sensory Friendly means accessible. It means content that can be consumed by all. With Autism and other sensory disorders now more common than ever, being Sensory Friendly has never been so important.


Professional Sensory Friendly sound by Elias Arts

Finding the Frequency

Experience & Research working together

Research Support

Supported by Leading Experts

Leading Partners

Leading researchers at Purdue & UNLV look over and approve all content

For Developers

Decide to become Sensory Friendly

Powered by Sound

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For Everyone

We can build custom solutions to make your game Sensory Friendly

Accessible Content for All

We included a backend color picker for unlimited color options. Anything can be changed, including gradients!

Sensory Friendly Sound

Our first focus is sound. Sonzia and Elias Arts, together with experts at leading universities such as Purdue and UNLV, are exploring what makes so many sounds feel like nails on a chalkboard for those with Sensory Processing Disorder.

Car Screeching – Normal

Screeching 1

Highly dynamic high frequency = bad

Car Screeching – Sensory Friendly

Screeching 2

Softened, still screeching, but no longer distressing

Certify Your Sounds

Become Certified Sensory Friendly. Our team of award winning musicians, sound designers, and clinical experts, can transform the most distressing sound into a palatable experience for all. Contact us today for a consultation!

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