SITE The Sonzia Immersive Therapy Environment

The world’s most affordable ,  touch interactive  physically immersive virtual space.

SITE transforms an empty room into a calming, sensory-friendly environment, where children with autism can take a break and relax; destress and reduce anxiety.
The sensory environment can be changed through software, with SITE providing the basic sensory-friendly atmosphere, either to relax or to do therapy within.
Oliver Wendt, Purdue University
SITE is the world’s largest commercial CAVE – an interactive immersive environment. It is incredible it is also among if not the least expensive such solution in the world. I am excited to see this technology finally get to a place where it can really have a clinical impact.
Regis Kopper, Duke University
Virtual Reality is an event or entity that is real in effect but not in fact… You don’t learn nuclear physics from dictionaries. We need insight, not word usage.
Michael Heim, Stanford University

VR for Therapy

Virtual Reality  is an event or entity that is real in effect but not in fact. This effect is how we can help, by making something seem real, users can  become habituated  to scary stimuli. This not only stands for spiders but also for social situations.

  • All Touch Interactive
  • Multi-user interface
  • Environments for relaxation and training