Touch Easel

Android For All Abilities

Touch Easel is designed to be the world’s most accessible computing device.  The 32″ screen size is ideal for those with low vision, and the touch interface is compatible with any prosthesis. For those with movement disorders for whom it is easier to drag than aim, the user interface features Click-On-Release. Touch Easel’s exterior is, tough, easy to replace and wheelchair accessible.

Touch Easel gives you unrestricted access to the digital world. With an Android powered system, a durable frame, and a price financially accessible to those on a fixed income, Touch Easel gives you the tools to explore, connect, and create.



Touch Easel offers all the power of Android with none of distractions.

Command and control functions

Block or enable programs

Manage apps remotely

Tamper-proof hardware


Touch Easel’s size and interactive software immerses students in educational play.

32″ screen size holds attention

10-point multitouch for collaborative learning

Personalized user profile

4k resolution for clear visuals


Touch Easel gives administrators a holistic view of performance and progress.

Monitors and documents usage

HIPAA and COPPA compliant

Compatible with leading learning environments

Enterprise software back end


Touch Easel is designed to endure through years of use.

Shock resistant


Steel frame

Tempered safety glass screen


Touch Easel is built to be the world's most accessible computing device

Optical touch prosthesis compliant

Wheelchair accessible

Click-on-release function

Android platform for user friendly experience


Touch Easel’s remote tracking capabilities monitor and control the user activity of the device, including which applications are opened and for how long. It can also force the device in and out of applications. Further tracking can monitor and document activity and performance within programs for better evaluation.
With a 32″ multi-touch screen, and accessible software, Touch Easel invites users with all levels of ability to explore the e-canvas. Touch Easel’s size and structure allows multiple users to engage in collaborative play, fostering an inclusive environment.
Adaptable software allows for Touch Easel to fit seamlessly into classroom or clinic. With enterprise-level software that can disallow specific activity, administrators are able to tailor the Touch Easel to fit their unique needs.
Touch Easel is built to last. A solid wooden frame mounted on a steel base at once protects and houses the monitor in a wheelchair accessible desk. With easily replaceable components and a 1/4 inch thick safety glass protecting the monitor, Touch Easel is designed last for up to 10 years with minimal maintenance.

What Client’s Say

Students at HeartSpring love using Touch Easel. It really captures their attention!
Allyson, HeartSpring

Touch Easel at SXSW 2015

The HeartSpring Survey of Touch Easel

User Expericence 91
Attention Grabbing 99
Better than any Tablet 89