Meet the World’s Largest Touch Screen.

Show off your genius.

Turn your TV into an interactive canvas to design, engineer, and share your ideas with the world around you. With 4k resolution and 10-point multi-touch capabilities, Ualli is perfect for co-working spaces, conference rooms, and classrooms.

Available as an Android powered wall unit in 55″ and 32.” If you have a TV you’d like to turn into a touch screen, Ualli can also be retrofitted to fit your existing device.

Product Details

4K resolution
10-point multi-touch
Optical touch technology: compatible with any prosthesis
Wall mount
Android powered

Ualli Screen features a 55″ or 32″ optical touch screen with 4k resolution and tempered safety glass.


Android powered system is simple to learn and allows unrestricted access to the digital world. The 10-point multi-touch screen allows multiple users, and optical touch technology makes Ualli compatible with any prosthesis.


Tempered safety glass encourages active participation.

Cost Efficient

Ualli is leading in affordable technology.


When used as an interactive whiteboard, Ualli is an engaging learning tool for students of all abilities


Whether you’re designing Boston’s newest skyscraper or brainstorming with co-workers, Ualli’s multi-touch screen and 4k resolution are sure to inspire you.